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4 hours of work later… #crossstitch #crossstitching #crafts #artsandcrafts #art #xstitch #crafting #rose #vintage #fuckinga

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Finished. Finally. Serenity by Jan. Candles. The Office. Favorite episode. Ok. This will be posted on my etsy tonight most likely. #theoffice #janlevinson #dinnerparty #crossstitch #crossstitching #artsandcrafts #art #xstitch #rose #vintage #yellowrose #etsy #thenakedtooth

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today an old lady got mad at me because she was going on about how “disgusting” this artwork was so i asked her “why is it disgusting? any good reason?” - she rolled her eyes at me and stormed off

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Anonymous asked:

The moment I realized my scene phase had gone to far was when I tried to dye my pubes leopard print. For the record, it doesn't work.


jesus christ


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My little babe

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Next one #crossstitching #crossstitch #rose #art #crafts #artsandcrafts #vintage #yellow #yellowrose

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My “chillin at da lake” outfit

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Breakfast. #working #welcomeweemendwillbecrazy #vscocam

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Too stoked off my new shirt #nowidonthavetosayit #dont #leavemealone #getouttahere

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My friend’s dog had 14 puppies. This is how they’re kept out of trouble while she cleans the house

oh my god

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Caught On Tape: Fla. Cop Threatens To ‘Put A Round’ In Black Men During Traffic Stop | News One
Within the last two months, Eric Garner, 43, unarmed, was killed on July 17 by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo who placed him in an illegal chokehold while questioning him for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes; John Crawford, 22, unarmed, was shot and killed on August 5 by two Ohio police officers, David Darkow and Sean Williams, in Walmart after he was spotted holding a toy rifle; 18-year-old Mike Brown, unarmed, was gunned down by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson while walking with a friend in his neighborhood; and Ezell Ford, 24, who was also unarmed, was shot and killed by unnamed officers in the LAPD on August 12.
In the wake of these tragic events and renewed intense conversations surrounding police brutality against Black men, a video  of police in Boynton Beach, Florida threatening to “put a round” through four Black men during a routine traffic stop has emerged and begun making the rounds on social media.
One of the occupants in the video records the interaction, even after the officer tells him to stop, to which he responds:

No, I have rights. I’m not intimidated. I have rights.
Sir, I’m recording your ass. What the f*ck you going to do?
B**ch, you’re on camera. What the f*cks wrong with you. Stupid ass cracker.

The driver of the car repeatedly asks the officer who stopped them for his badge number. The officer provides his name, but not the number, prompting the driver to attempt to take a picture of his badge. The officer slaps the phone out of his hand, pulls him from the car and places him face down on the ground.
That’s when another officer, presumably his partner or back-up rushes to the window, gun drawn, and says:
“I’ll put a round in your ass so quick,” with his weapon threw the window pointed directly at the men.
(Watch the Video Here) (Photo Credit: AmericaWakieWakie)

Sorry, but if you act like an asshole and curse at cops, what do you really expect?
Don’t be a dick and give the cop your ID. He gave you his badge number like you asked, don’t be a little punk.

I hate people like this, for real. These folks will jump through hoops to produce an intellectual circus that justifies a cop racial profiling black youth. Never mind that you are, because you DO have the right to know, exercising your right to know why you were pulled over, that for identification there needs to be a crime or declaration of detainment. Don’t be a dick? Fuckin victim blaming knows no bounds.
No oppressor is going to change willingly. We will have to make them. This dumbass displays that superbly, just as millions of racists do everyday. They feel entitled, that they can treat people like shit because it’s so ubiquitous that it’s “normal” so when anybody resists AT ALL it is the resister that’s a dick, not the abusive fuckwitt cop.
No thanks. The Panthers got it right. Arm yourselves. Open carry in packs. Film the cops. Police the police. This shit is a war. Best believe.

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